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We would like to introduce you to MDI Manufacturing, Inc. We hope that MDI may be of assistance to your company in the areas of precision machining where CNC and manual machining requirements for your company are needed. MDI specializes in contract machining and product assembly.

Supply us with your product specifications and prints and we take care of the rest. We are also experienced and proficient in all areas of metal fabrication from prototyping to full-scale production. 

See our facilities list which has a brief description of our equipment at MDI. If you have a need for any of these services, we would be happy to give your company a competitive quote.

If your company is interested in seeing our facilities, please feel free to call and we will gladly set up a time for your visit at your convenience. So please feel free to look through our site and please contact us for more information!


100 Syracuse Court Lakewood, NJ

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